About Us

A Sovereign Nation Leading Royally to Assist Humanity

Providing a path towards enlightenment through spiritual development & sacraments together with your protection & sovereignty.

Uniting all backgrounds of race & religion, with golden keys for humanities ascension. Together we will lead the way as Royals.

It is time to take back our power and step into the role as divine royals leading the way. Communing with the divine each day.

We are dedicated to awakening souls through experiences, sacrament and love, to help raise the vibration of the collective.

Tsunami Diamond

Senior Minister & Executive Director

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Bhavani Hope - Temple Guardian

Dr Trina Nguyen - BSc Pharmacy

Tao Fallenstar - Foundation Advisor

Unlock Your



All our members possess their own body, mind, emotions and soul - which only they have full authority over.


Divine Guidance

We will provide guidance & support to our community & will empower each member to also lead royally.


Divine Sacraments

Providing access to entheogenic sacraments & ceremonies together with training for modern mystics.


Help Save The World

Transforming lives to help save the world by providing a path towards alignment, activation and ascension.

Join Lead Royalty Foundation

Become a member today and reclaim your sovereignty by joining a global family of awakened souls who are on the path towards enlightenment & heaven on earth.