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Our organizations leader's consist of Doctors, Shamans & Elders, Medicine Women, Guardians & Wayshowers.

Providing access to entheogenic sacraments for our members to use in communion with Source Creator.

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“Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.”

― Amit Ray




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Lead Royalty Foundation a Unincorporated 508(C)(1)(A) FBO: Rights guaranteed under Federal Law U.S.C. 26 § 6033(A)(3)(A) and as such, it guarantees our rights to govern ourselves according to our own bylaws.

The Spirit & God Molecule

This creation has gifted us with many tools for communing with the divine and for activating our bodies, minds, and souls known as entheogens. With the main ones being NN-DMT "Spirit Molecule" & 5-MEO-DMT "God Molecule". These sacraments are found in nature and within the human body as well as most living things. These gifts from the heavens can help provide a fast track to the awakening of humanity.

Clinical studies have shown that over 80% of people who use either NN or 5-Meo DMT have a life-changing experience.
Within the proper setting and by working with a trained facilitator years of trauma healing can take place within minutes.
Many users report similarities to near death experiences seeing heavenly realms and angelic beings along with a feeling of rebirth leading to a state of Samadhi.
Many users experience either finding their true purpose or the remembrance of it. Providing them with a new spark of inspiration and passion for life.
Many users experience returning back to the source of all creation, basking in a sea of love. Some report meeting and communicating with God like figures.
These sacraments can greatly help fine tune your chakras, frequency, body, mind & soul in turn greatly raising your vibration to help accelerate your ascension.

"The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind"

– Eckart Tolle


By Lead Royalty Foundation

We are building a global network of members-only 24hr access Ascension Spas that will provide life-changing experiences & activations. Featuring Crystal Saunas, Medicine Ceremonies & Sound Healing, 5D Activation Rooms, Quantum Healing & Anti-Aging Center, Organic Vegan Cuisine with a Juice & Tonic Bar, and Rooftop Lounge.

Partners & Allies

We are partnering with organizations and sovereign nations that are focused on building a New Earth. If you would like to partner or alliance with our sovereign entity, please reach out to us.