Doctrine & Bylaws

Lead Royalty is a Unincorporated 508(C)(1)(A) FBO: Rights Guaranteed under Federal Law U.S.C. 26 § 6033(A)(3)(A) and as such, it guarantees our rights to freedom of speech and to govern ourselves according to our own Bylaws and Doctrine.

Every member is of divine royalty Ordained by Source Creator – or any name you choose to call the pulse of conscious fabric connecting all – and as such, shall govern themselves in the highest accountability and integrity, Under Universal Law.
There is no person or authority that can stand between you and your connection to The Divine or the use of or possession of entheogenic sacraments to be used for connection to the divine. You are the master of your body, as it is your property; your sacred Divine Temple.
The physical body is Source Creator’s divine artwork. Our devotion is shown by the purity of our mind, body, and soul, starting with the body. The body shall never be maimed or genetically modified, patented, combined with unclean blood of beasts or aborted fetal cells, etc.
Every being has the right to pure water, unobstructed fresh air, and clean and natural organic/non-GMO foods, to nourish their property (their living body).
The Breath is the Sacred Instrument that connects us to Source Creator. Air is the bridge to Source Creator, and we must at all times have access to unobstructed airflow.
Each woman or man has the right to decide what goes in, on, and around their body. Your body is your property, and you uphold the rights to your property in the utmost sacredness. Each of us must govern our property according to our personal covenants with the Source Creator.
No other being, or persons calling themselves a ‘government’ may supersede Source Creator’s Law that each person holds for themselves, as women and men living on the land. Only you can set your own Divine Law and govern yourself in the highest integrity, in accordance with the Laws set forth between you and The Divine.
No group of people calling themselves a government may mandate anything concerning your property, as each of our members are King’s & Queens living on the land, serving Source Creator, and [as such] in the Jurisdiction of Source Creator, whose court lies OUTSIDE and ABOVE the jurisdiction of corporate ‘governmental’ structures.
We come in Peace and Honor. By our highest sacred doctrine, dictated by the Source Creator, our bodies are our property. As such, we hereby notify all men and women who, at times, act as a ‘government,’ that our bodies, our children, etc., are our property; and at no point shall our rights to travel, feed ourselves, and our families, or pursue our livelihoods to care for our property be restrained by ‘mandates’ acting against the Jurisdiction of Source Creator’s Law.
It is our Sacred Duty to self-govern, each person governing themselves, exclusively under Universal Law, with the utmost of integrity. Our only responsibilities are with The Divine, and as such, we will lead the way as divine royals as we perfect ourselves through inner sanctification.