Golden Key Sacred Guide

The Golden Key is for members only. 


Please only use it for your own personal communion with the source creator. If you wish to serve this sacred sacrament to others please sign up for our practitioner training and make sure to have them become members of Lead Royalty before serving sacrament to anyone.

Fun Bonuses

Write down what you received from the ceremony afterwards. Have ceremony in a bathtub with the shower running and water low, please be safe. When working with the sacrament outdoors take your shoes off and connect with the earth, hug a tree or do sun gazing. Add all of the elements to your ceremony space and before ceremony either say a prayer or call in your guides, angels or source creator to be with you in ceremony. Move your energy around, use sound healing instruments or a vibroacoustic therapy bed. Listen to meditations or music during ceremony.



Surrender & Embrace! 

We Love You Champions!


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